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Xooang Choi

Xooang Choi (born 1975 in Seoul, South Korea) is fascinated with the human body and the abuses it endures. He sculpts incredibly realistic figures from polymer clay, then applies layers of paints in a way that imitates skin – the viewer is astonished to see wrinkles, veins and blood vessels on his light-skinned, despondent and dejected subjects. The piece above is more abstract than most of his others, a haunting wingspan of detached hands that could take flight. See more of this provocative artist’s work here (NSFW): http://www.lookinart.net/2011/04/xooang-choi.html


Sea Hyun Lee

“Between Red-46” (2008): Sea Hyun Lee is a South Korean artist (b. 1967) whose captivating series Between Red depicts the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Lee describes being in this area during his military service: “I would wear night vision goggles, which coated everything in red. The forests and trees felt so fantastic and beautiful. It was unrealistic scenery filled with horror and fear, and with no possibility of entering.” Despite the monochrome effect of the red washes on white canvas, these images are incredibly detailed and evocative of a nostalgic Never Never Land on the sea. Enjoy more of the Between Red series here: http://www.union-gallery.com/