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Shawn Barber

“Tattooed Self-Portrait” (2008): Los Angeles denizen Shawn Barber (b. 1970 in New York) is a seasoned oil painter who has been widely recognized for his portraiture. Barber explores and transgresses traditional portraiture through his depictions of tattooed subjects – often skipping over one’s face and instead copying details of their inky marks in his signature style. No longer just a scholar/reflector of tattoo culture, Barber picked up the needle and opened his own tattoo studio in 2010. See more of his work here: http://www.sdbarber.com/


Sylvia Ji

‎”Red Buffalo” (2010): California native Sylvia Ji (raised in San Francisco, currently living in Los Angeles) paints stunning women, enraptured and exalted beauties in Calavera (Día de los Muertos) facepaint and costume. Although her earlier work used a more diverse palette of colors, Ji now focuses each painting with a dominant hue, especially that incredible red. See her entire collection online here: http://www.sylviaji.com/

Kehinde Wiley

I could never choose just one painting by Kehinde Wiley to feature here, but this quadriptych can give you an idea of his incredible & unique style. Wiley, a Los Angeles native, says that his work is about the history of painting as well as a specifically personal history. His large-scale portraits employ the visual rhetoric of wealth and power to modern subjects: black and brown men in their everyday clothing. Casting a global net, his newer work focuses on men from Africa, Brazil and India. See more of his history-bending juxtapositions here: http://www.kehindewiley.com/