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Eleanor Cunningham

“Untitled (Somerset House)” (2011): A photograph manipulated with mixed media features this somber setting, the perfect backdrop for an ethereal horror film, no? United Kingdom photographer and student Eleanor Cunningham usurps the medium’s so-called verisimilitude (truthlikeness) by employing digital manipulation to her images, developing a dialogue between the analog and digital forms. See more here: http://www.cunningart.co.uk/


Maia Flore

“Sleep Elevations series”: French photographer Maia Flore is a recent graduate of the Ecole des Gobelins and currently resides in la ville des lumières, Paris. Her Sleep Elevation series (of which the artist says “I did not want to disconnect from the dream and never realize it”) is full of whimsy: young girls suspended through different modes of flight and fancy. Another quote: “My inspiration are things that I actually want to experience. I live my world vicariously though my photos.” See more from this burgeoning photographer on her website: www.maiaflore.com


“Colored Valley” (2008): Taken in Shigakougen, Japan by talented landscape photographer Takay with a Pentax K10D. Part fairy-tale, part dreamscape, it’s awe-inducing to think about the technicolor wonder of nature around the world.

Linden Gledhill

There’s something to be said for the unlikely art-makers out there, such as biochemist and pharmaceutical researcher Linden Gledhill, whose photographs of water based paints triggered into motion by sound from a speaker are otherworldly. The result – captured by a high speed 10 megapixel Nikon D2000 – are like psychedelic fungi that come alive for a split-second before melding into rainbow puddles. See hundreds more of these ephemeral sculptures at his Flickr set: http://bit.ly/bKwjq


I wish I knew more about the artist known as Bednij, but the truth is that my online translation of his Russian livejournal into English has been almost fruitless (how do I read into his statement “I respect rich, satisfied and thick”?)… No matter. His work is a visual playground of contrast and shadow, experiments in black and white and digital manipulation. Many of his pieces incorporate nothing more than burnt matchsticks on shapes: I adore the simplicity of Bednij’s art-making sensibilities. Enjoy more on his journal: http://bednij.livejournal.com/

Teun Hocks

“Untitled (On Moon) (2007)”: Welcome to the whimsical and absurd world of Dutch photographer and painter Teun Hocks, whose primary medium is acrylic oil paint on large gelatin silver-prints that feature the artist in puzzling situations. I adore his work for its simplicity and dreamlike atmospheres; check out his ‘Fotowerks’ here: http://www.teunhocks.nl/