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Raymond Lemstra

“Totem”: Amsterdam-based illustrator Raymond Lemstra draws upon a myriad of source material to compose these elegant, extremely detailed images: primitive masks, totem poles, antique signage and Japanese pop culture come together in an understated, cool color palette. Lemstra explains that his work exhibits “distortion as a result of selective emphasis; parts of interest are emphasized, unimportant parts reduced or left out.” In this particular image, I love the seamless and symmetrical blending of characters, and the shape of the totem is suggestive of the medium in which it was created – a pencil. See more at his site: http://www.raymondlemstra.nl


Teun Hocks

“Untitled (On Moon) (2007)”: Welcome to the whimsical and absurd world of Dutch photographer and painter Teun Hocks, whose primary medium is acrylic oil paint on large gelatin silver-prints that feature the artist in puzzling situations. I adore his work for its simplicity and dreamlike atmospheres; check out his ‘Fotowerks’ here: http://www.teunhocks.nl/