“Amnesia” (2010): The history of image-making with natural materials is as old as humanity itself, and vital to the cultural sustenance of certain groups like aboriginal Australians. Fellow countryman and artistic alchemist Scott Marr (born 1976) works with an incredibly rich source of natural materials – the above piece includes bark wash, ochres, wattle flower wash, and charcoal – and also utilizes pyrography: using heat and fire (like soldering irons or pokers) to made decorative burn marks. According to the description of a short video about Marr, the artist boils barks, leaves and mosses to leach organic dyes; he crushes native berries to producing a surprising array of watery washes; he powders locals coloured stones in a coffee grinder to form a palette of ochres. Watch the video and the artist at work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbnTbWKlkPY