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Maia Flore

“Sleep Elevations series”: French photographer Maia Flore is a recent graduate of the Ecole des Gobelins and currently resides in la ville des lumières, Paris. Her Sleep Elevation series (of which the artist says “I did not want to disconnect from the dream and never realize it”) is full of whimsy: young girls suspended through different modes of flight and fancy. Another quote: “My inspiration are things that I actually want to experience. I live my world vicariously though my photos.” See more from this burgeoning photographer on her website: www.maiaflore.com


Georges Bousquet

“Etrange Famille” (2010): The dreamscapes of digital artist Georges Bousquet (from Perpignan, France) achieve a dizzying depth – one feels they could peel back infinite levels of the image and find more childlike figures and surreal subjects returning the gaze. In fact, Bousquet uses about 300 layers in Photoshop and spends approximately 15 hours building each image. Recently he re-envisioned the twelve signs of the Zodiac with his unique spin. His work deserves close-up inspection; see the details on his Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casajordi/


The collection of untitled illustrations by the artist known simply as Amose is eloquent and zen-like in its refined style of bold line and color. I don’t know much about Amose except that he was born in 1979, studied art in Belgium and currently lives in France where he dabbles in mediums ranging from traditional illustration & painting to screenprinting and spraypaint on concrete walls. The figures who populate his world are serene giants who contemplate the viewer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amose/