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Georges Bousquet

“Etrange Famille” (2010): The dreamscapes of digital artist Georges Bousquet (from Perpignan, France) achieve a dizzying depth – one feels they could peel back infinite levels of the image and find more childlike figures and surreal subjects returning the gaze. In fact, Bousquet uses about 300 layers in Photoshop and spends approximately 15 hours building each image. Recently he re-envisioned the twelve signs of the Zodiac with his unique spin. His work deserves close-up inspection; see the details on his Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casajordi/


Teun Hocks

“Untitled (On Moon) (2007)”: Welcome to the whimsical and absurd world of Dutch photographer and painter Teun Hocks, whose primary medium is acrylic oil paint on large gelatin silver-prints that feature the artist in puzzling situations. I adore his work for its simplicity and dreamlike atmospheres; check out his ‘Fotowerks’ here: http://www.teunhocks.nl/