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Lee Misenheimer

“The Great Masticator”: graphite-and-gouache artist Lee Misenheimer is soothed by the repetitive line technique he uses to create his drawings. He is inspired by Japanese imagery, and in his own words, “organic/floral/natural textures… mushrooms… plus many ideas about air/wind/breath”. I am enchanted by these dragon-like figures, which evoke ancient mythology and are perfectly executed. Misenheimer hails from the Carolinas, is currently based in New York and on occasion uses the pseudonym ‘Destroy Rock City’. More here: http://destroyrockcity.com/devildowsing/shop.html


Adam Isaac Jackson

“Brainstorm”: Adam Isaac Jackson is a young illustrator who honed his skills at The Art Institute of Seattle, and has tapped into a popular skate-inspired style of black & white drawing. Do ya dig it? Other artists in the same tattoo-covered vein are Mike Giant and Jeremy Fish (who I will definitely feature one day). If you are in the SF area you should not miss the upcoming Burlesque show at Artifact Gallery on 4/2 where you can see Jackson’s work up close. Or check out his blog at http://adamants.wordpress.com/