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Augustine Kofie

The Circulations Of Her Linear Curiosity”: Augustine Kofie’s “vintage futurism” is a bold blend of drafting technique, graffiti/street art, 60’s and 70’s iconography, unusual geometry and hidden typography. How one self-taught artist could seamlessly bring together so many elements is a testament to how long he has been practicing his craft. A well-respected street artist who went by the name Kofie’One, he has been making his mark on the urban landscape of Los Angeles since the 1990’s and continues to do large-scale murals on buildings to this day. See more here: http://keepdrafting.com/


Mary Iverson

“Bagley Lake with Containers” (2010): Mary Iverson’s images combine the dreamy, timeless landscapes of travel magazines with a complex system of intersecting lines and planes extending off the edges of cargo boxes. Iverson, another Seattleite, prepares her compositions by studying the shipping manifests from nearby ports and using their measurements, an attention to detail suggestive of a draftsman. These images deal with concepts of accumulation and industry; to get the whole scope of her statement visit her portfolio here: http://maryiverson.com