“I Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes”: This unrestrained paper-plane explosion was created in 2009 by New York-based multimedia artist Dawn Ng. With a background in commercial art, Ng proves to be a versatile gem, whose guerilla exhibitions and carefully executed installations convey playful attitudes toward art-making (she documents a 2008 foray into food sculpture entitled “Dawn Don’t Play With Your Food” on her website). According to the artist’s statement, her work is “reflective of an urge to hijack, subvert and toy with the obvious to surprise people with the truth.” Here, paper planes (ranging from the size of her palm to the size of her body) represent a powerful nostalgic pull for Ng, who negotiates her double nationality (American and Singaporean) with the idea of flying home – inundating the viewer with a barrage of planes bursting from a single window. See more here: http://www.dawn-ng.com/