“Ebb & Flow” (2010): Koren Shadmi is a prolific Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator who I have been interested in for a few years. His work – playful and whimsical drawings with a touch of biting irony – has been published in dozens of magazines, and in addition to graphic novels he updates a web-comic biweekly (http://abaddoncomic.com). Shadmi’s talent for editorial illustration is uncannily innate – from the first rough-drafts in pencil to the digitally-colored final piece, his unique outlook on sometimes-overdone subjects (i.e. college applications, national healthcare) are poignant and fresh. This piece (the Gold medal winner at the Society of Illustrators annual show) draws upon Japanese woodcutting for inspiration. Enjoy more of this artist’s work here: http://www.korenshadmi.com